Friday, September 9, 2011

PRE ORDER: Joy and Revolution: This isnt real cassette

this isnt real cassette $8.20 USD

'Soupy stupors of electro drones bumble along groggy whirrl waves of sleepy jams"

'Drags romance to the druggy dungeon of hypnosynth, enrapturing lovers with laser drones,
glowing keys, and plodding rhythm hot and heavy for a nap.'

       'The side effects of taking “Sedative” aurally include whooshy waterfalls of aqueous keys,
             daze inducing vocals, and creeping sensations of tranquility tinkling throughout the limbs.'
Jazner sotr

12 dream pop tracks/ 30 min Lp

coming halloween 10-31-2011

pre order (ships 10-31-2011) click link below:

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