Friday, September 9, 2011

Joy and Revolution: love is kind cassette (2010)

love is kind cassette $4.20 USD

'It’s true that Joy and Revolution is rough, dull on the edges yet what makes it work is it’s delinquent, astral qualities. Take Love is Kind off their latest ep release, but of course, Love is Kind. With it’s haunting organs and equally haunting, fading, singing, it is far from boring, rather it builds and builds with thunderous bass groaning during the chorus and just as fast as it appeared, it is gone again. So put it on, sit down, and fade out: think of something happy.
It may just be the vacation you needed after all. '
- Cliff Drake


01- champagne and wet bars
02- money fame its glamour
03- yarn my ribbons
04- i'm the spy
plus 2 bonus tracks

6 songs/ 15 min Ep

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