Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wayphaser: 15 min cassette coming soon

Chillwave/ New Wave Galaxy Runner, Wayphaser
brings new unreleased material to our upcoming 15 min cassette release.
Expect slow synth drone lines with catchy delayed vocals set for a perfect 80's dream date night out!
This is a track off Wayphaser's latest bandcamp release.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Premiere: Sobrenadar: 'Guam' Cassette (this week)

Side A Track One 'Géiser'

Géiser by Sobrenadar by magicrubcassettes

Take a deep breath, allow yourself to float into Sobrenadar. Into a trance, into so many moments of bliss.

'Géiser'  will take you there 'Géiser' will take you anywhere. just let yourself go! 

This is the first track from the upcoming 'Guam' cassette, look to purchase this week on bandcamp.

Speedway Star: 15 min cassette coming soon

glow in the dark stars by Speedway Star

Speedway Star is Justin McNiff of San Francisco, CA. He creates dream pop and shoegaze sounds, filtered through a hazy lo-fi/ no wave prism.
Each track is a catchy beach pop gem, mixed with old drum machine
loops, soft synthlines and a dreamy whisper vocal nostalgia that takes you back to the 90’s garage cassette warp vibe.
Look for his 15 min tape on magic rub cassettes very, very soon!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bong Rodent's 15 min workout tape (coming soon)

Weird pop sample king, Bong Rodent releases '15 min workout tape' coming this month. look for it on cassette and a 15 min workout video is in the works!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Joe Finger!: 15 min cassette coming soon

Joe Finger! (El paso) 15 minute cassette coming soon.
'Reaper' is the first single from the upcoming cassette Ep.

He blends guitar with cosmic synthesizer arrangements to create a blissful laid back sound perfect for an early morning bowl!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sobrenadar: 15 min cassette coming soon

Sobrenadar  (meaning to float) is Paula Garcia's solo project. (Argentina)
At 23 she composes and edits her own tracks. Mixing sounds of soft guitars, keyboards, electronic elements and voice whispering, it creates a dreamy atmosphere that she wants to describe as 'watery' dream pop music.

Look for her cassette release on magic rub cassettes very soon.

Friday, September 9, 2011

PRE ORDER: Joy and Revolution: This isnt real cassette

this isnt real cassette $8.20 USD

'Soupy stupors of electro drones bumble along groggy whirrl waves of sleepy jams"

'Drags romance to the druggy dungeon of hypnosynth, enrapturing lovers with laser drones,
glowing keys, and plodding rhythm hot and heavy for a nap.'

       'The side effects of taking “Sedative” aurally include whooshy waterfalls of aqueous keys,
             daze inducing vocals, and creeping sensations of tranquility tinkling throughout the limbs.'
Jazner sotr

12 dream pop tracks/ 30 min Lp

coming halloween 10-31-2011

pre order (ships 10-31-2011) click link below:

Joy and Revolution: summer fling cassette (2011)

summer fling cassette $4.20 USD

'chalk full of hypnotic dream pop gems which we highly recommend.'
andy sotr


01- im out and away
02- shades on
03- rsvp me
04- party (all the time)
05- dont answer the phone
06- going to the midnight sky

6 bedroom gems/ 15 min Ep

Email to purchase

Joy and Revolution: forgotten youth cassette (2011)

forgotten youth cassette $7.20 USD

"It is amazing how many great bands get by unnoticed.
Joy and Revolution is another bedroom dream pop band that possesses immense talent."


01- my eyes cant see
02- when the leaves changed
03- why wont you sing
04- mister wind
05- 1 2 3 just kiss me
06- stuck in a time warp
07- the looking glass
08- touch you
plus 3 bonus tracks

11 songs/ 30 min Ep

Joy and Revolution: all around me cassette (2011)

All around me cassette $4.20 USD

Joy and Revolution are one of the most underated groups I have heard in a long time. Their newest album 'all around me' creates a dreamy melancholy that’s tough to get out of your head filled with slow burn casio jams that float through celestial dream-lands layered with romantic vocals and dreamy synths. Ive been vibe’in to this album for a few days now, I love this band!!
- andy from


01- allison is blown away
02- be my clothes
03- monsters in the night
04- you are my days
05- perfect to me
06- always true
07- I got the fun
08- dont ask me why
09- our dream (bonus track)
10- you will know (bonus track)

10 pop gems/ 30 min Ep

Email to purchase

Joy and Revolution: love is kind cassette (2010)

love is kind cassette $4.20 USD

'It’s true that Joy and Revolution is rough, dull on the edges yet what makes it work is it’s delinquent, astral qualities. Take Love is Kind off their latest ep release, but of course, Love is Kind. With it’s haunting organs and equally haunting, fading, singing, it is far from boring, rather it builds and builds with thunderous bass groaning during the chorus and just as fast as it appeared, it is gone again. So put it on, sit down, and fade out: think of something happy.
It may just be the vacation you needed after all. '
- Cliff Drake


01- champagne and wet bars
02- money fame its glamour
03- yarn my ribbons
04- i'm the spy
plus 2 bonus tracks

6 songs/ 15 min Ep

Email to purchase