Friday, September 9, 2011

Joy and Revolution: all around me cassette (2011)

All around me cassette $4.20 USD

Joy and Revolution are one of the most underated groups I have heard in a long time. Their newest album 'all around me' creates a dreamy melancholy that’s tough to get out of your head filled with slow burn casio jams that float through celestial dream-lands layered with romantic vocals and dreamy synths. Ive been vibe’in to this album for a few days now, I love this band!!
- andy from


01- allison is blown away
02- be my clothes
03- monsters in the night
04- you are my days
05- perfect to me
06- always true
07- I got the fun
08- dont ask me why
09- our dream (bonus track)
10- you will know (bonus track)

10 pop gems/ 30 min Ep

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