Thursday, July 11, 2013

TAPE DECK: Sobrenadar: Alucinari (MR042)

We are pleased to present Sobrenadar's second cassette release with Magic Rub Cassettes. This is the first artist to have a second release on our label. And how fitting, Sobrenadar was the first artist signed to our label back on October 07 2011. High-bias cream 15 min cassette tape with artwork made by photograph taken by Paula's good friend in digo.

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  1. Hi,
    Dunno if you've ever seen my deleted blog Die or DIY?
    If not , I have linked you to my new blog, imaginatively titled Die or DIY? 2.
    This is the stuff I like to support.
    I recognise your header photo from Etsy, is that you on there?
    Also, my DIY label site got deleted by the man! (Year Zero Records),soon to be relaunched as Pol Pot Pop.
    If you're interested in a free licence of my latest release by my Noise Improv Band Üwan - "Ü3" , pronounced "OOOO_one"; I have a download link.
    if you like it i can adapt the art for cassette.
    Someone did do a video on youtube for an earlier Üwan release,and i regularrly get 3/400 downloads per album,so there is demand i suppose,if thats a good thing.
    Jonny Z